Diplomacy Translators

The Diplomacy Translator is a document which can be used for when you're playing a game of Face-to-Face Diplomacy, and you and one of your opponents have no common language. It provides all the phrases you are most likely to need during the game.


To create a Diplomacy Translator, follow the following steps:
  1. Download the translator for the two languages you want to translate between.
  2. Print the two pages of the translator document onto two sides of a single sheet of A4 card.
  3. Cover both sides of the card with clear sticky-backed plastic.
  4. Obtain two dry marker pens - the type you use on a Whiteboard. Preferably one black and one red.
Currently, five languages are supported. If you would like to provide the translations for a further language, please get in touch with me.

Italian Dutch German French
English Download Download Download Download
French Download Download Download
German Download Download
Dutch Download

There are a few tricks to using the translator:

Any comments, suggestions, etc, are welcome. You can contact me at david (at) ellought.demon.co.uk