How to use DAIDE


The DAIDE System is generally used for two purposes :
  1. To play a game against computer opponents on a single PC
  2. To play a game against human (and maybe also computer) opponents across the Internet.
This page explains how to do both of these. However, it does not explain how to run a game across the Internet (only how to participate in one). This is because (a) there are a lot of setup issues that are specific to your PC configuration, and I do not understand all of them, (b) games are best run by people with experience of how to use the DAIDE system, and (c) as you get experience of using the system, you will naturally learn more about it than I can tell you here anyway.

Downloading the DAIDE software

Go to
For games across the Internet, you just need to download the DAIDE Mapper ( For games against computer opponents, you will also need the DAIDE Server ( and the Unzip the three programs in different folders. For instance: An unzip program can be found at Microsoft or at

To play a game against computer opponents on a single PC

Double click the server.exe (or a shortcut) to start it. Choose a variant and press 'New Game'.
Start Mapper. Don't change 'Server name or IP address' nor 'Port number'.
Click on the 'Player' box and write a name.
Click on Connect. You will now appear in the server window.
Start all the bots you need (one for each power that is to be played by a Bot). Wait after each start for the bot to get connected, before you start the next, else your PC can get confused. Each Bot will appear in the Server Window.
The mapper will starts with the right map and all units when there are enough Bots.
In the mapper, look at the 'Help' tab to find out how to use it. It's simple, just left and right clicks to order the units.

To Play a game against human opponents across the Internet

Read the rtnow mailing list (to subscribe, use the YahooGroups website or send an e-mail to Whenever a game is forming, people will post the Server-name or IP-Address here. They may also post the Port number, if it is not 16713. The best time to look for a game, is evenings and weekends, US time.

When someone gives an IP-address or Server-name cut it or write it down.
Start the Mapper and paste/write the name or address in the mapper under 'Server-name or IP-address'.
Click on the 'Player' box and enter your name.
Click 'Connect'.
In the 'Variant or Game Info' there will appear some info as soon as you are connected to the server.
Click 'Press' in the right column. You can now talk to the other players that have connected so far.
Remember that the game is No-Press (unless you are told otherwise). The press box is to be used only for admin issues and non-game chatter.
When the game starts the units appear on the map, and in 'Variant and Game Info' you can see what your Power is. You can also see a passcode. Write it down as you might need it in case you lose connection.
You can now move, support, convoy etc. by clicking on the map. (see the help for details of how to do this). Beware of the deadline (in the title bar of the deadline).

If you need further help, ask for it using the Admin Press facilities. If necessary, the Deadline clock can be stopped by the ServerKeeper while your questions are answered.

Good luck.