Welcome to the DipTimer Page

DipTimer is a little program which looks after deadlines for FtF Diplomacy games and Diplomacy Tournaments. It displays a massive digital countdown clock on the screen, together with the current season and year. The length of each turn can be adjusted independantly for Spring and Fall, and per year. It will also play wavefiles at certain points during the countdown, which can be used to automatically announce the deadline, as well as giving warnings at predetermined lengths of time before the deadline. All the controls, including the ability to exit the program, are protected by a password.

Click here to download DipTimer version 2.02. The first time you run it, you will get an error due to being unable to find the ini file. This file will be written the first time that the Done button is clicked on the Options Screen.

If you have previously used DipTimer 1.xx, then version 2.xx will read and update the ini file to use your old settings, and add defaults for all the new configuration parameters. However, if you try to revert to 1.xx, it will not read a version 2.xx ini file.

Until you change it, the password is "password" (lower case, case sensitive).

If you forget the password, delete the diptimer.ini file, and then restart the program. This will reset it to "password". It will also delete all your deadline settings, sound settings, etc.

Click here to download a range of wavefiles to provide warnings at various points towards each deadline, including a final ten second countdown. Note, this file is about 1Mb. Alternatively, you can use Windows Sound Recorder to record your own wavefiles.

Brian Shelden has provided an Installer for DipTimer version 2.02, which installs the program and wavefiles, and sets the Timer up to use the Wavefiles sensibly. Click here to go to Brian's download page.

New in Version 2.02

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